Next Meeting: Friday 4th December 6:30pm for 7pm

Due to COVID19 requirements, the Education Centre can
hold no more than 25 people. Please contact Arthur White
by email (see Contacts page) to confirm your
attendance and the total number of people with you. He will
advise if there is room, or whether the meeting is booked out.

Speaker: Grant Webster, giving us a special show of Aaron Payne's photos"

Frog-O-Graphic 2020: Competition prizes awarded

Trivia Quiz, raffle, Christmas supper

Friday 2nd October 6:30pm for 7pm

Due to COVID19 requirements, the Education Centre can
hold no more than 25 people. Please contact Arthur White
by email (see Contacts page) to confirm your
attendance and the total number of people with you. He will
advise if there is room, or whether the meeting is booked out.

Speaker: Arthur White "Riversleigh, fossil frogs and frogs"

Frog-O-Graphic 2020: Peoples Choice



The FATS AGM will be held at the Education Centre at Bicentennial Park

on the 7th of August 2020.

Space is limited and only those people who have registered in advance

by email to Arthur White will be permitted inside.

Below is the agenda of the AGM. Nominations for council positions have closed

but if you have any items for General Business please send them

to Arthur White before the 6th of August. 



 Speaker: Arthur White 

“Drought, Bushfires and COVID: a lethal cocktail for our native wildlife”

Frog-O-Graphic 2020 Opens 1st May

Meeting Friday 7th February 2020 6:30pm for 7pm


   Jordan Crawford-Ash from Australian Museum

                 "Are they just bad neighbours? :

         Understanding the infection dynamics of the amphibian

         chytrid fungus for three Sydney frog species"

Kathy Potter

         "Call Races in Limnodynastes tasmaniensis

          What do they mean?”


Meeting Friday 6th December 2019 6:30pm for 7pm


 Marion Anstis   Marion Anstis talking about her

    recent trip to Costa Rica  costa rica map


    The Frog-O-Graphic prizes will be



    Christmas Party


Meeting Friday 6th October 2019 6:30pm for 7pm


    Chad Beranek from Newcastle Uni.

    "Frogs and Fish: Unravelling the Aquatic Competition".

    The Frog-O-Graphic, People’s Choice winner

    will be voted on by everyone at the meeting

Meeting Friday 2nd August 2019 6:30pm for 7pm


    Henry Cook        "Novel ways to help threatened species"

    Grant Webster    "New Zealand Frogs and a possible population of

                                      Litoria castanea"

    Arthur White       "Impacts of feral horses on Corroboree Frog habitat

                                     in Koscuisko National Park"

Meeting Friday 7th June 2019 6:30pm for 7pm

Speaker: Glenn Shea       

  "The early European history of discovery and study of Sydney's frogs

    Part 2 - the rise of local naturalists"

Meeting Friday 5th April 2019 6:30pm for 7pm

Speakers: Glenn Shea        "The early history of Sydney's frogs"

Punia Jeffery     "Axolotls"

FATS Easter Show 2018



FATS will be at the Easter Show

Mon 22nd and Tue 23rd April






Meeting Friday 1st February 2019 6:30pm for 7pm


Arthur White:    "Why are true frogs true"

Simon Clulow will discuss his new book

      “Frogs of Australia”, signed copies for sale ($45) at the meeting 

Punia Jeffery:    "Axolotl relatives"

Arthur White:  "Frogs in Amber"

Meeting Friday 7th December 2018 6:30pm for 7pm

Speaker: John Cann  talking about turtles

Presentation of Frog-O-Graphic 2018 Awards

Christmas Party


Meeting Friday 5th October 2018 6:30pm for 7pm

Speaker: Marion Anstis Living grasslands of Serengeti

                      Punia Jeffery Axolotls and reproduction

Meeting Friday 1st June 2018 6:30pm for 7pm


Arthur White           "Are frogs primitive?"

The talk is about the origins of frogs and some of the characteristics that
they have retained which, to human eyes,
appear very basic or primitive.

Punia Jeffery          Keeping Axolotls

Natalia Sabatino    Yabbies and their diet

Meeting Friday 6th April 2018 6:30pm for 7pm


Grant Webster   "Kim Dong's Hot Pot - the frogs of Korea"

Meeting Friday 7th February 2018 6:30pm for 7pm


Arthur White - "Frogging in Australia, those who have discovered species"

Kathy Potter  - "FrogID App from Australian Museum"


Meeting Friday 1st December 2017 6:30pm for 7pm


Marion Anstis - Photographic journey in South Africa

Frog-O-Graphic 2017 Winners awarded

Christmas Party

Meeting Friday 6th October 2017 6:30pm for 7pm Speaker

"Managing a National Icon-

   Green and Golden Bell frogs at Sydney Olympic Park" 

Jenny O'Meara SOPA 

Frog-O-Graphic 2017 Winners announced

Audience participates in Peoples Choice

Meeting Friday 4th August 2017 6:30pm for 7pm

Emma McInerney and Shannon Helleher -

         University of Wollongong

      What makes a good Corroboree Frog?

      Conservation solutions for a critically endangered amphibian.

Arthur White 

      Talk about suburban frogs calling and neighbourhood disputes.

Annual General Meeting 

Meeting Friday 2nd June 2017 6:30pm for 7pm

Michael McFadden

      Update on the Corroboree Frog recovery program

Grant Webster: 

      Proposed changes to the scientific names of frogs in Australia

Meeting Friday 7th April 2017 6:30pm for 7pm

Arthur White

      The response of the scientific community in Australia to the decline in native frogs

Fabian Byers 

      Smith's Lake March 2017

Jilli Streit 

      Adventures in Florida and Costa Rica trip

Meeting Friday 3rd February 2017 6:30pm for 7pm

Arthur White - "Swimming in Sand" 30 years at Wallingat

Arthur White - "Taren Point outcome"

NEWLog that Frog is for recording sightings of Australian Frogs

2016 12 02 FATS25th










Meeting Friday 2nd December 2016 6:30pm for 7pm start 


2016 12 MarionaAntisArtic


Marion Anstis -  

‘Arctic glimpses: Svalbard

  in Summer’

2015 04 22 A.Payne Lim.d.dumerilli

Frog-O-Graphic 2016 awards presented

 Photo: Limnodynastes dumerilii dumerilii by Aaron Payne 

Arthur White





 Arthur White Short Presentations




Friday 7th October 2016 6:30pm for 7pm start 


Cameron Webb

Cameron Webb

  "Mosquitoes, Climate Change and

     shift in distribution"


2015 04 22 A.Payne Lim.d.dumerilli

Frog-O-Graphic 2016 has closed

People's Choice to be decided at October Meeting

FATS Financial Members

Photo: Limnodynastes dumerilii dumerilii by Aaron Payne 

Friday 5th August 2016 6:30pm for 7pm start

Annual General Meeting

2013 10 GGBFSurvey


   Arthur White - History of Green

       and Golden Bell Frogs in Sydney

     Peter Spradbrow - Elephants are not Frogs




Friday 3rd June 2016 6:30pm for 7pm start 


"Frogs of South-East Asia"   Dr Jodi RowleyJodiRowley2





"Mitigating the impacts of road upgrades

on threatened frogs in NSW"  Josie Stokes

2015 03 14 Josie with GGBF 

Friday 1st April 2016 6:30pm for 7pm start 


2016-03-24-HenryCook  Henry Cook        

    "Frog anecdotes from around the world"




MarionBook  Marion Anstis      

     "New species of Australian Frogs 2008-15"







  Peter Spradbow  

     "Smiths Lake Field Trip"







Friday 5th February 2016 6:30pm for 7pm start 




"Frogging in Kakadu National Park -


  frogs of the wet and dry seasons" - Arthur White


 "Smith's Lake - November 2015" - Peter Spadbrow


"Sex reversal in Frogs" - Arthur White


Friday 4th December 2015 6:30pm for 7pm start 

Speaker:   Graham Pyke "Broughton Island"

2015-04-22 A.Payne-Lim.d.dumerilli 


 FATS Frog-O-Graphic 2015 competition 


Winners awarded


Friday 2nd October 2015 6:30pm for 7pm start

Speaker:     David Nelson “Frogging Costa Rica”

2015-04-22 A.Payne-Lim.d.dumerilli 


 FATS Frog-O-Graphic 2015 competition 


Winners announced and People's Choice decided


Friday 7th August 2015 6:30pm for 7pm start

Speaker:   Marta Vidal-Garcia



 "Jump to it!

   Locomotion in Australian Frogs"







Annual General Meeting


Friday 5th June 2015 6:30pm for 7pm start 



Grant Webster

   "Pseudophryne bibronii"

the many forms of the Little Brown Brood Frog





Arthur White

   "Frog sound and hearing"

Guess what - frogs hear what we don't hear, and make sounds

that are not meant for us.  Get it from the frog's point of view.




Friday 10th April 2015 6:30pm for 7pm start 


2015-03-14 Josie with GGBF




Josie Stokes

   "Boom, bust..boom!- 

    A short history of the GGBF

    on the Shoalhaven floodplain"




 Jilli Streit    Smiths Lake March 2015

FATS at Easter Show

Five favourite photos



Friday 6th February 2015


 2015-01-28 Litoria olongburensisArthur-White

 Arthur White


  "Life as a Wallum Sedge Frog"

   Litoria olongburensis




  Photo by Marion Anstis




Jilli Streit


"Smiths Lake Nov 2014

  Field Trip Report"





 2015-01-28 Pseudophryne pengilleyiMonica-Wangmann-Full


 Monica Wangmann


   "Northern Corroboree Frog visit

    at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve"

   Pseudophryne pengilleyi



 Photo by Marion Anst

 Friday 5th December 2014

Gerry Swan - "Life in the Trenches"

                            A fascinating account of the rescue of native wildlife

                            during the laying of gas pipelines,

                            especially in Queensland.

 Frog-o-Graphic 2014 awards presented

 Video of Whitley award presentation to Marion Anstis

 Berlin Aquarium visit by Punia Jeffery


Friday 3rd October 2014





Chris Jolly


   "Defending Native Animals from Cane Toads"






Friday 1st August 2014

Annual General Meeting to elect FATS Committee



 Grant Webster:


"Australia's false toads -




the bold and beautiful brood frogs"




Arthur White will be giving a


presentation on the oldest


Australian fossil frog





Friday 6th June 2014

2014-06-06-RobertJohnsonGuideHealthRepAmp   Dr Robert Johnson


"The metamorphosis of the amphibian vet".    




Marion Anstis


"Some adventures in Galapagos


and the Amazon"




Friday 4th April 2014




      Cameron Webb (Westmead Hospital)  


      "Taking the bites out of frogging".


 MosquitoTalk will be about mosquitoes


  (mosquito photo by Andrew Nelson) 





Friday 7th February 2014

  JakeJanos Jake Janos “Central Bearded Dragons and their Mutations" and “Frog husbandry”CentralBeardedDragon




 Arthur White "Ghost Bats and Cane Toads in Kakadu"






 MarionBookMarion Anstis 2014 Australian Society of Herpetologists (ASH) Meeting






Lothar Voigt Pool to Ponds conversions







Friday 6th December 2013

Report of book launch of "Tadpoles and Frogs of Australia" by Marion Anstsis. Book will be available for purchase (standard edition).MarionBook

Smith's Lake trip report

Frog-o-Graphic Awards (see below)

Ian Morris "Frogs of the Top End"

Christmas Party


Frog-o-Graphic 2013 Category Winners


      Junior Art   (Left)              2013JuniorArt2013SeniorArt      

       Ryan Little

       Senior Art  (Right)            

        Vicki Deluca


      Senior Pet Frog (Left)        2013SeniorPhoto2013SeniorPetFrog

      Karen Russell

    Senior Photo  (Right)        

       David Nelson


    Most Interesting  (Left)       2013PeoplesChoice2013MostInteresting

      George Madani                               

    People's Choice  (Right)    

    George Madani






Friday 4th October 2013

   Ken Griffith  

     "A Naturalist's Rambles through Central Australia and the USA"

   Frog-o-Graphic 2013 People's Choice Selection

   Frog-o-Graphic 2013 Winners announced


   Volunteers needed for

   SOPA Auditory Frog Survey

   at Olympic Park


Friday 2nd August 2013

Annual General Meeting with Election of FATS Committee

   Main Speakers:  Karen Russell and Marie Callins

            Keeping Frogs Happy and Healthy

            Marion Anstis - Madagascar

            Arthur White - Whats live in a Dark Deep Cave

Friday 7th June 2013       

7:00 pm    Welcome and announcements.

Main speaker: Marcelle Douglas, Macquarie University on a Chytrid case study




Arthur White: Lazarus Project.

  9:00 pm       Supper




Friday 5th April 2013 


Grant Webster               

 Is a male frog being yellow an advantage ?

 Australian Society of Herpetologists (ASH) conference at Point Wolstoncroft at Lake Macquarie in January awarded Grant the prize for best student presentation amongst all honours and masters students, for his work on colour change in frogs. Well done Grant!

(Photo from

Announcement of Frog-o-Graphic 2013 Competition

Friday 1st February 2013

Frogs of Queensland Book

 Eric Vanderduys        

     Author of "Field Gude to Frogs of Queensland" 2012

      A limited number of discounted copies 

    will be available for sale at the FATS meeting.

    Discount price is $30 (instead of $45 rrp). 

    Eric Vanderduys may sign books bought on the night.




    Emily Stratins  Frog habitat selection in a peri-urban environment; do frogs avoid weeds?

 Author: Eric Vanderluys "Frogs of Queensland"    Emily Stratins talk                                                


2013-02-01-Eric-Vanderluys 2013-02-01-Emily-Stratins-Talk


 Emily Stratins                                            Jilli Streit on Smith's Lake Trip Nov 2012


 2013-02-01-Emily-Stratins  2013-02-01-Jilli-Streit


25th to 28th April, Smith's Lake Field Trip

Friday 7th December 2012

Frog-o-Graphic winners and selection of People Choice. Arthur White on Caecilians and FATS 21st Birthday Party

2012-12-07-Peoples-Choice   2012-12-07-Arthur  2012-12-07-Party

Friday 5th October 2012

Venue: Education Centre, Bicentenial Park

7:00 pm    Welcome and announcements. Introduction by Punia Jeffery
Robert Wall announced the following field trips:
   Darkes Forest for Saturday 6th October leader Ken Griffiths.
   Smith’s Lake Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th November, leader Arthur White, contact Karen White.
   Watagans’ trip in December leaders Brad and Matt McCaffery
Frog-o-graphic competition winners to be announced in December.

Amphibian-Research-CentreDonated packages of crickets and flies from Gerry Marantelli of the Amphibian Research Centre, Vic were shared with members. Contact ARC ( if you wish to purchase these items as the income will help ARC fund research on Australian frogs.


 7:45 pm    Speakers

Matt Greenlees from University of Sydney talked about Radio Tracking of Cane Toads. 2012-10-05-Matt-Greenlees

Matt started investigating Cane Toads and their interactions with other mammals, fishes and reptiles at Fogg Dam NT, as an Honours project with Prof. Rick Shine in 2004. Matt continued at University of Sydney with a PhD in the area of Cane Toads interactions with frog species. Matt presented a detailed description of the Cane Toad’s history and its breeding characteristics; the pervasive nature of the toad’s toxin through from the female’s ovaries to the egg and tadpole stages and to metamorphs and adult toads. The rate of advance of the invasion front from east to west across the top of Australia (55km/year) compared with NSW (10-15km/year) was attributed to longer legs developed by the northern population. Matt also spoke of the work on the cane toad infestation in the Sutherland Shire and Taren Point in the last few years and that over 500 toads had been collected from March 2010 to Feb 2012. The Sutherland population is probably under control with only two found so far this season.
Problems caused by cane toads fall into two main areas: they eat and compete with native species and they poison native predators including frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals. Matt discussed mortality rates for the predators and observations of species which were less susceptible to the toxin such as populations of Bluetongue lizards previously exposed to the succulent exotic plant mother-of-millions.  He explained strategies developed by other animals, avoidance training experiments and the use of the attractive nature of toad toxin as a bait for large-scale trapping of toad tadpoles.
 Matt’s current project includes tracking Cane Toads in the Clarence Valley NSW.

2012-10-05-Harald-GeorgeHarald Ehmann, the founding chairperson of FATS on a visit from Adelaide, talked about “To dry is to die – frog life in central Australia”. Harald (left in photo) works with Aboriginal people of the Pitjanjatjara and Yangkunitjara nations (Anangu) in the Alinytjara Wilurara (AW) Region of northern and western South Australia. Harald described strategies used by desert frogs to retain their moisture, including burrowing up to a 1.6 m down into the desert sand. In the Desert Trilling Frog the webbing along the side of the body to the knee is an adaption for burrowing in loose dry sand. Species in this area are Platyplectron spenceri, Cyclorana maini, Neobatrachus centralis/sudelli and N. sutor, Litoria rubella, and in some of the central ranges, the Springs Frogs, one of which has very recently been described as Pseudophryne robinsoni. There are very likely two and possibly three species of Springs Frogs in only a few of the 30+ springs in the Anangu Pitjanjatjara Yangkunitjara Lands.

Feral animals such as donkeys, horses and camels pollute the watercourse springs and associated waterpools that Springs Frogs totally depend on. They are also impacted by too little water due to extraction from the spring-feeding aquifers, or too much water which is a natural occurrence when heavy rains produce huge torrents in the creek beds with springs. Competition in the tadpole stages with other co-existing species may be a factor in limiting the Springs Frogs. Predation by large Cyclorana maini tadpoles on smaller Springs Frogs tadpoles and on the vulnerable metamorphs is also a risk besides predation by young Cyclorana maini frogs.

Ongoing work includes searches for additional occurrences of Springs Frogs at sites still to be checked, monitoring of known populations and their threats, and management of the threatening factors. Anangu are involved at each stage of the work, and their involvement includes training so that they can take over and continue the work in the future.

Friday 3rd August 2012

Venue: Education Centre, Bicentenial Park

6:30pm for Lost frogs needing forever homes: Perons, Rubellas & Striped Marsh Frogs. Please bring your FATS membership card and cash $ 30 - $ 50 donation. NSW NPWS amphibian licence must be sighted on the night. Rescued frogs can never be released. 

7:00 pm    Welcome and announcements.

                    Annual General Meeting

Arthur White     President's Report

Karen White     Treasurer's Report

                    Election of Office Bearers

7:30 pm    Speakers

George Madani                 Journey into Wild Borneo: Part 2

Arthur White                       Caecilians: what are they?

9:00 pm    Show us your frog images, tell us about your frogging trips or experiences, guessing competition, continue with frog adoptions, supper & a chance to relax and chat with frog experts.


Friday 1st June 2012

6:30pm for Lost frogs needing forever homes: Perons, Rubellas & Striped Marsh Frogs. Please bring your FATS membership card and cash $ 30 - $ 50 donation. NSW NPWS amphibian licence must be sighted on the night. Rescued frogs can never be released. Probably few if any frogs this meeting as Monica is away.

7:00 pm    Welcome and announcements.

7:30 pm    Speakers

David Nelson                      Journey into Wild Borneo: Part 1

Grant Webster                   Is a yellow male frog a chick magnet?

Marion Anstis                     Four new species of Nursey Frogs - genus Cophixalus

Arthur White                       Paedophryne - the world's smallest frog

Arthur White                       Caecilians: what are they?

9:00 pm    Show us your frog images, tell us about your frogging trips or experiences, guessing competition, continue with frog adoptions, supper & a chance to relax and chat with frog experts.

  Friday 13th April  

Venue: Education Centre, Bicentenial Park

6:30pm Rescued Frogs sales

7:00pm Main Meeting

Speakers:                               Topic

 Matthew Bulbert (Macquarie Uni)

               “Its a hard life being a male Túngara frog: a lesson in
          dealing with choosy females, eavesdropping bats, blood-sucking flies
          and the odd nosey researcher”. Frogging adventures in South America.


Arthur White

                     Those strange amphibians called caecilians.     



Phillip Grimm

                  FATS Web Site Redeveloped     




From the Floor:  Audience members presenting subjects of their own interest