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Help prevent cane toads spreading in New South Wales

NSW DPI has amended the Biosecurity Regulation 2017 to enhance biosecurity risk management for invasive pests, weeds and diseases, and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Regulation.

One of the key amendments, which was the subject of public consultation during 2018, is the establishment of a cane toad ‘biosecurity zone’.  The aim of the zone is to assist with preventing the spread of cane toads from the NSW north coast area encompassing the Tweed, Byron, Lismore and Ballina Local Government Areas. 

The proposed regulatory measures within the zone include:

  • a duty to notify the presence of cane toads to an Authorised Officer
  • a prohibition on moving, keeping or releasing them and
  • a requirement to euthanise cane toads when practical (following confirmed identification from DPI or a member of the cane toad buffer zone management team).

We need your help to stop the spread and establishment of cane toads into new parts of the state.

If you are south or west of the current area of cane toad infestation in NSW and see an animal you suspect to be a cane toad: 

  • photograph the animal and report it to NSW DPI using our online reporting form www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/biosecurity/sighting
  • Don’t harm any animal you think may be a cane toad until it has been positively identified - many animals that people report as cane toads are actually native frogs.
  • Contain it if you can do so safely (wear gloves, glasses and long sleeves) until it can be correctly identified. They exude (and sometimes squirt) poison from glands positioned behind the head.
  • The animal should be collected and held in a well-ventilated, non-toxic container, with some water. 

We ask that you share the attached information with your communities and networks in order that they understand the benefits and obligations of the cane toad biosecurity zone. 

For more information, please or visit https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/cane-toad

 For more information https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/cane-toad

Cane toad NSW DPI