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Welcome to the Frog and Tadpole Study Group of NSW

We are a society of people based in New South Wales, Australia who have a genuine interest in frogs and tadpoles.Fats Group members span a wide range of interests - naturalists, herpetologists, pet keepers, professional scientists and private people with a desire to learn more about frogs and our environment. It is our mission to increase the awareness and appreciation of the natural world. This site provides all sorts of information dealing with frogs and our group activities. Learning about frogs is also fun, and as this page shows, opens a door to a fascinating corner of the natural world.  Frogwatch Helpline: 0419 249 728

Meetings are held the first Friday of every even month

Click here for FrogCall in colour PDF


Marion Anstis awarded Whitley Medal by Royal Zoological Society




















FATS Committee congratulate Marion on her achievement

2014-09-12 Marion-Whitley-with-FATS
















Next Meeting Friday 5th December 2014 6:30pm for 7pm start



  To be announced

   Future Meeting: Friday 6th February 2015

Frog and Tadpole Study Group of NSW Inc.

PO Box 296
2216 NSW